I’m Back And Ready To Go Again

pc problems  It’s been a while since my blog crashed so I’ve had to start again…yep that right all that data had gone all because I didn’t back up all my data, or get a good hosting company to host my blog. I even had to buy my own domain name back, so you could say it’s not been the best of times, but I always think what can I learn what has happened, its best to look at the postive’s and there has sure been a few.

First of all transferring my domain name was easier than I thought I had to copy and paste a couple of links then get hosting then set up with wordpress, so now I know the process. I’ve already adding all the plugins and all the security that I need to do adding banners, pages, opt-in forms, but that will come over time, and off course need to back everything up. So a lot of this I didn’t do in the first place and as they say you will pay the price and I have big time..! Now I can recommend what I’m using this time round and help others do the same, I might even add all the products and services I use in another blog post!

So the best way to get up and running with a blog is through wordpress, then you have to add all the plugins, such as security, seo, back up data, etc once that’s done then you can blog on a regular basis. The more you blog the more traffic you will get and the more sales you will make. It’s just getting started which is the hardest part, but once your up and running there sure will be no stopping..!!!


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Richard Burn

Hi I'm Rich from London, I into keep fit and running run at least 4 times a week, like most sports, mostly football. Enjoy going out for meals like all types of food, from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian. Like all kinds of must from 60's till today's music. I'm into Internet Marketing, have learn so much over the years, this will be able to give me the time and freedom that I'm looking for and will look forward to helping others do the same.

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