It’s sure has been a long journey and so much to learn have in the internet marketing world, I would say so much so that you really need to be able to understand the basics to start with. These basics are selling a product which can as an affiliate this is when the products has been made by someone else and when you sell it you make a commission, or you can make your own products.


Lets start of by with this process, so you search for a product online can could search in Google, Social media, YouTube, etc. Once you have found your product then you can pay for it with Pay pal, or a credit card, after this is done you can download the product, let just say for now it’s a downloadable product. You can get your product right away and start using it. Now to be a marketer it’s doing the same process, but when it’s sold you can earn a commission, once you have dome this once you can do it again and again and start to scale your business up. This of course what we want to do it’s getting that starting process right, it’s then finding a product with converts very high, so the more traffic you send the more money you can make. If you have a number of traffic methods and a lot of products to sell, then you sure are onto a winner!