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It’s been a few months for the launch of Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint and it’s sure worth the wait. This is a new program put together by Dean has seven steps to follow, the first one is to establish why you want a internet business and what you want to achieve in say six month from now. This could be a family holiday you have always wanted to go on, to be able to quit your job, earn a certain amount of money what ever it is it will be something that you would like achieve and have a compelling reason to do so.

Step two is all about traffic and how to get a lot of it. There are plenty of way to drive traffic the main methods are: Solo ads, blogging, banner ads, ppc and forum posting. By working on these to start with will sure get you going on the right track. The key here is consistency just by doing a some of these over a period you sure will see progress.

Step three and now lets talk about traffic and most importantly why the formula of    Traffic + Conversions = Sales ($) you can’t just have a product on the internet that you are hoping will make sales, it all about getting the traffic to a good converting offer if the product is very good then it will convert in to sales. It’s this combination that is needed and the sales page that will either be a written sales page a video sales page. A good front end offer will then result in high backend offers.

In step four lets it’s about taking prospects and customers through the sales funnel of free opt in offer, then frontend offer, upsells then you can have those high ticket sales. By following this proven system which is automated through a auto responder this is when you opt in to a squeeze page then you will then be send emails and follow ups over the next few days and weeks. This is to educate and teach you how internet marketing works and what will lead people to having four figure pay day’s.

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Step five the Multi-Million Dollar Business System here it is the whole business system what it’s about and how it works. Dean has built a marketing machine that can help anyone who want’s to have success online. This goes into detail on the Component #1 – Free Opt In Offer, Component #2 – High Converting Frontend Offer, Component #3 – Upsells and Component #4 – Backend Offers First we start with a series of automated webinars. Then there will be Week 1 – Webinar With An Offer At The End For A $2,000 Product, Week 2 – Webinar With An Offer At The End For A $1,000 Product, Week 3 – Webinar With An Offer At The End For A $2,500 Product, Week 4 – Video Training Series With Offer For $5,000 Coaching Application and then Week 5 – Video Series Leading To A $10,000 – $20,000 Product.

Step six having a proven system to follow just like McDonalds Does with their Franchise and being able to use such a system to leverage from. You see why does McDonalds work so well, it’s it they have such great staff, that sure must do, but more importantly that all have a system in place and it work like a treat too! This is what the Big Commission Blueprint can do for you just by having a system that will work for you and product big results over a period of time. There will be a number of video’s that show people having result with this program, I’m sure you’re look forward to seeing them.

Step seven and final one! This is where is all happens and your chance to be part of something really big, by learning about everything on here you will have the opportunity to join iPro  which is a unique partnership program. So if you want a system that converts visitors to prospects and be able to earn high end commissions then this is it, here is you chance to be able to do just that and follow in the footsteps of many others that have having fantastic results with this program. If you are one of those people who want to finally have success on the internet then this is your chance click on the banner below and begin your journey.

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    • Hi Yes sure making the most of WordPress it’s easy to use great, for people starting out who could like to set up their own blog. Would look forward hearing more from you..!

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